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    Thunderbirds Orange Fixtures & Results

    UNDER 10

     - Friendly
    Reddish Vulcans Rockets - Vs - Medlock
    Man of the Match: Ben
    Goal(s) Scored by: Benat x2, Kobie x2
    The Rockets make it an incredible 14 wins out of 14. For the second week in a row playing a team in the league above them and playing well with some excellent passing and moving and quality finishes.

     - League
    Reddish Vulcans Thunderbirds - Vs - Reddish Villa
    Man of the Match: Sophie
    Goal(s) Scored by: Jamie x3 , Ed, Lucas

     - Friendly
    Reddish Vulcans Rockets - Vs - Marple
    Man of the Match: Lewis
    Goal(s) Scored by: Lewis x2, Podraig, Shakae, Alex

     - Cup quarter final
    Reddish Vulcans Thunderbirds - Vs - FC sports
    Man of the Match: Jamie
    Goal(s) Scored by: Duaarn, Jamie x 2, Sophie, Harry

     - League
    Reddish Vulcans Rockets - Vs - Curzon Ashton DS
    Man of the Match: Kobie
    Goal(s) Scored by: Kobie x 4 Lewis x 2 Josh x1 Padraig x1 Shakae x1 Ben x1 Kyron x1
    Another exceptional performance by the Rockets. Which now makes 11 wins out of 11.

     - League
    Reddish Vulcans Thunderbirds - Vs - Stockport Junior Blues
    Man of the Match: Meikiyo
    Goal(s) Scored by: Meikiyo x 4 Jamie, Sophie
    W - Excellent performance by the team, coming back from 4-1 down to get a fantastic result. Special mention has to go to Joe who pulled of some fantastic saves to keep us in the game.

     - League
    Reddish Vulcans Rockets - Vs - Chadderton FC
    Man of the Match: Ben
    Goal(s) Scored by: Kobie x5 Luke x3 Lewis
    Yet another incredible performance by the Rockets.
    Making it 10 wins out of 10.

     - Cup
    Reddish Vulcans Thunderbirds - Vs - Curzon Ashton
    Man of the Match: Jamie
    Goal(s) Scored by: Duaarn x 2 Meikiyo x 2 Jamie
    W -An excellent and entertaining cup match. Fantastic game for us by racing into a 3 goal lead.
    Special mention to Ben who stepped in at the last minute to play in goals and make some crucial saves. Bring on FC sports reds in the next round.

     - League
    Reddish Vulcans Rockets - Vs - Withington Rangers
    Man of the Match: Shakae
    Goal(s) Scored by: Kobie x2, Ben, Josh x2, Lewis
    W -A local derby for a couple of the boys ( playing against school friends) and they got the bragging rights by scoring 2 goals each.

     - League-
    Reddish Vulcans Thunderbirds - Vs - Curzon Ashton
    Man of the Match: Lucas
    Goal(s) Scored by: Lucas x 4

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