Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be populated with the top questions and queries raised by the users of the site.

Question 1: Why has the original Tournament Database been closed down?

Answer: The software used for the old Database was obsolete, and the server it was hosted was to be permanently shut down. We had two choices, create a new site or shut it down. We hope you agree that creating a new site was the only option.


Question 2: Can I still access the original Tournament Database?

Answer: Yes. The original database is still accessible by click here.  This is read only site and should not be used to promote new events.


Question 3: I have tried to enter a tournament, but it’s password protected, what do I do?

Answer: If you find a tournament which is password protected, it is because the event organiser has locked it to stop online bookings. It maybe that the tournament details are being finalised or they are sending out invitations to teams and giving them the password to book through the system. 


Question 4: Where do I enter my PayPal email address to accept online bookings?

Answer: There are two ways to enter your PayPal email address. Firstly you can enter it during the account registration process. If you didn’t enter your PayPal email address at this point you can add it retrospectively. Go To My Account, Click Payment Options, Enter the email address in the field and Click Save.


Question 5: How do I enter a Online Booking  Ticket for an Age Group?

Answer: When adding your event to the database you will eventually arrive at the Add Ticket Button. Click Add Ticket and complete the first field with the Age Group you want i.e. Under 6. Then click Set Capacity For This Ticket Only which should already be set as a default and add the amount of spaces available at that age group. Set your price and click Save Ticket. Do this for each Age Group. You can edit the event retrospectively by clicking on either Edit Event or My Account follow the process above.


Question 6: Who is responsible for the each event listing?

Answer: Each event listed is the responsibility of that particular tournament organiser. Any questions, issues or complaints must be raised to the event organiser using contact details listed on the event and not to Reddish Vulcans. Reddish Vulcans are not responsible for the accuracy of any details on the events, other than our own tournament.


Question 7: I need help with the Event Database, who do I contact?

Answer: Please email in the first instance. We DO NOT offer telephone support for the Event Database.


Question 8: When I pay the booking fee, can I leave the second payment to another time or day?

Answer: Unfortunately not. Due to recent changes made by PayPal, we have had to introduce a two stage payment system. If you leave at anytime during the two stage process (i.e. before you complete the second payment), your slot will be lost and it will be returned to open sale. If you leave after you have completed the first PayPal payment (booking fee), again you will lose the slot. Please note booking fees are non-refundable.


Question 9: Who do I contact if there is issue with a tournament or booking into a tournament?

Answer: Please contact the organiser of  that particular event. They are the best people to be able to answer any questions you may have, or book teams into their event. Please do not contact Reddish Vulcans as we have no control over events ran by other junior football clubs.